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L20 | L32


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28/32  |  23/30  |  16/24

Regular maintenance

Service details

On board overhaul covers all above service components together

Service features

Service preparation

We pay attention to appropriate joint planning of the service, in particular for on board works, to ensure that everything will be properly prepared, clearly set and take place on time - this way we give you a guarantee of timely service delivery.

Service availability

We carry out workshop services in our own premises (Gdańsk, Poland), while on board works can be flexibly done during port stay or operations, at the time of other repairs at the shipyard or during voyage.

Transfer of SEs on board

Our location (Gdańsk, Poland) gives us favourable opportunity for self travel arrangement by car to any port in Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, as well as possibility to fly by plane to any other service location.

Spare parts order

For workshop reconditioning you may order spares for exchange directly to our premises and use our assistance in customs procedures for shipments from outside EU, or you can ask us to purchase the spares for you.

Ancillary support

We may support you with additional services in a wide range - from essential (eg specialized material processing) as well as minor needs (eg exchange of transport boxes) and others. We can point you our suppliers or order services directly on your behalf.

Direct re-invoicing

If you use our help, for example when ordering spare parts, transport services or others, or if we bear the costs of travel, hotel, etc. on your behalf, we do not charge any extra fee - in this case we just use direct re-invoicing.

Long-term approach

Every cooperation starts with the first, single order, but even from this moment we treat it on a long-term scale, assuming that such a perspective gives this opportunity for a better fit, working out common standards, mutual agreement and reliability

Why us?

Awarness of the value

As we are not one of those large corporations that work on a multi-scale. We value and attach great importance to every work entrusted.

No unecessary effort

We focus on the trouble-free in each range we have influence on, we work together with you to look for the optimal solution in every case to avoid unnecessary distortions and delays.

Clear rules

We know that there is nothing worse than unpleasant surprise, that's why we clarify everything before we start work so that you know what to expect and what the costs will be.

Due precaution

Each job involves responsibility - to be sure that your and our interests are secured, just in case, we have liability insurance for the services provided for the amount of EUR 250 000.

Focus on preparation

Every good job begins with a solid preparation - we undertake the task only when we are sure to be able to do it right. This allows us to avoid unnecessary fire-fighting.

Work on approach

We base on our own approach and philosophy of long-term relation rather than opportunity for a single benefit, that's why we treat each case and word as the weight of commitment.

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